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Can you draw me?

Yes i can. Please provide me with more details about what you have in mind, and we can go from there.

How much does an illustration / artwork cost?

I have no set prices as such. It always depends on the scope of the project. So, how detailed the drawing should be, how many colors the illustration should have, etc. Before I start working on the project, there will be a joint briefing where all details are discussed and a price is agreed upon.

How long do you need to complete the artwork?

This entirely depends on my current workload. Usually, there might be a brief waiting period, but once a project is initiated, we can establish a timeframe. Additionally, for every project, there is a 50% upfront payment of the agreed-upon price. I commence work only after the upfront payment has been received. This policy applies to every client without exception.

Do you have any pre-made artworks prepared?

Yes, I do. The pre-made artworks are generally much more affordable than the specifically requested artworks. The incorporation of your logo is included in the price. If you're interested in any of the following pre-made artworks, feel free to get in touch with me! Best via Instagram @graveart_666

You can find an overview of the available Artworks here!

Artwork For Sale
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