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Like a fine wine, Stefan „GraveArt“ Röhm was born in 1986 in Reutlingen, Germany, at the height of the Heavy Metal era, which somehow had to have transferred to his genes via sound. He was born with gasoline in his blood and grew up as a massively creative person in his childhood. Similar to „Wednesday“ from the Addams Family, he drew car accidents and skulls in kindergarten, rather than crooked houses and ugly flowers like his playmates did. Once hooked on the dark side, he perfected his drawing style in every free second during his school years. There was no sheet in his files that was not covered with dark drawings.

To learn design from scratch, „GraveArt“ was trained as a graphic
designer and started spreading his „Grave-Art” around the world in 2008, which became very popular. In addition to selling his own print products, he became very successful in music circles
and began illustrating for underground metal bands.
His work spread out like a wildfire, and soon, large international metal bands knocked on his door and wanted album covers, flyers, posters, and all kinds of merchandise designed by him.

His talent has also been noticed by others, and in 2011
he became the art director of the graphics department of one of Europe‘s largest horror design agencies.

While „GraveArt“ was influenced in his early days by artists like
H.R. Giger, Kat von D., Grindesign, and Dan Mumford, it can be said without a doubt that he is now one of the artists who influences other artists in this genre worldwide.

When he‘s not hammering the bass in his metal band, Stefan
dedicates himself to his other interests such as spirituality, nature & animals.

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