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My name is Stefan Röhm, I am 36 years old, and the artist behind the graphic design label GraveArt. Already as a little boy, I loved to draw and I had tons of paper used up. As a 9-year-old I was able to achieve a first artistic success when one of my drawings appeared in an edition of the cult comic series “Spawn”. Then I realized that art was my calling. So, in 2004 I began my training as a media designer for digital and print media (specializing in media design) and thus made my year-long hobby to my profession. 

I have been playing in various metal bands since I was 13 and was therefore able to make many contacts with bands and musicians. Because of the many concerts and tours across Germany I could collect a lot of experience and through the close contact to the underground music scene, I know what bands want and what not. So I could use this knowledge to create the best artwork or logo for smaller bands. Apart from that, I was one of the founding members of the Stuttgart band May The Silence Fail and have been playing the bass for the metal-core band HateRemains until 2012. Currently im the Bassist in the Metal Band Mean Deal Devils.

During my 3-year training as a media designer I have gathered a lot of experience not only in design but also learned many printing and finishing techniques. It was also at this time that I discovered my passion for photography and photographic art. But enough banter about me and my career. Let's do some straight talking about art and artists.

It is pretty hard as an aspiring artist to adapt to the huge community of "wannabe artists" and "designers". Mostly, these guys have nothing better to do than to always bitch about your works, while jerking off on their own artworks and constantly adulating themselves. This is pretty pathetic. Watch out and do not behave like those cowards, because that can happen pretty fast and usually even unintentionally. If you're not one of those sobs and it is your goal to create art for its own sake, and not just for fame and money, then you are on the right track. After many years with a lot of ups and downs I am very glad and happy to have arrived at a point where I care a damn about what others think or say about me and where I can do my own thing with the passion it deserves. Remember that your art must come from the heart. There is no other way and there never was. With this in mind, I now wish all inclined fans and interested people much pleasure on my side, which I am damn proud of, and I hope that you can take some ideas and inspiration along with you.

Cheers, Stefan

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