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Back in September 2018 the very first GraveArt Festival took place in my hometown Reutlingen.

I had the idea of this festival stuck in my head for a very long time before we actually started planning it.

" Since the rock and metal scene in Reutlingen is far from the same as it was a few years ago and it is with horror that the scene itself is becoming more and more “concert-lazy”, the festival aims to fight it and prove that There is still life in the apparently tired Metaler bones!

Especially in Reutlingen and the surrounding area there are a multitude of small underground concerts with bands from here and there, which, it may seem, visit the same clubs almost every month; Of course, this means that hardly anyone is enthusiastic about leaving their usual four walls for such a gig. The thought “They'll be playing somewhere else soon anyway, why should I go there today?” Has somehow settled in people's heads. And that's exactly what we want to counteract with the festival."

So thats why we wanted to let the GraveArt Festival be a very very BOLD Statement!

For this reason we also want to present acts as headliners to the audience that you would otherwise not necessarily get to see here; Acts that already have a lot of experience, a powerful stage presence AND offer a reason to leave the house or the regulars and enjoy a concert.

A concert that is not like most of the others, not one where you would rather stand at the bar and wait until everything is over so that you can finally sip your beer in peace; a concert that finally brings people together again!

We even ran a band-contest for the opener-slot on the Festival that after all Loss of Charity won.

The line-up of the festival was very well received due to the great variety of genres. The grand finale was then made by the shooting stars from Moldova, "Infected Rain", leaving no metalhead unsatisfied.

Even now, years after the festival, there are still inquiries about when another one will take place. Unfortunately, I have to leave this question unanswered in these difficult times. A continuation would definitely make you want to go!

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