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GraveArt – that is modern, fascinating and extravagant art, that is brutal, morbid and relentless at the same time. This kind of art is definitely not made for the faint of heart. Based in the Swabian metropolis Reutlingen, Graveart has developed from a mere hobby in the beginning to a more than renowned graphic design and art label in the metal scene that can look back at cooperations with numerous popular musical artists and record labels.


Modern Death Art – that is the motto of GraveArt founder Stefan Röhm who produces unique pieces of art that emanate from an imagination strongly influenced by fantasy and horror. This way many grandiose artworks for metal bands like Any Given Day, The 69 Eyes or Ill Nino, to name just a few, were created. Furthermore, a legion of obscure t-shirt motifs, band logo design, extreme tattoo models and even portrait art of famous actors and singers are part of GraveArt's repertoire. Additionally, the artistic creativity of GraveArt also includes the photography of bands, single persons and concerts. The creativity of the young artist Röhm seems to know no boundaries.


And now enjoy the dark and eerie landscapes of the realm of GraveArt!

GraveArt by Stefan Röhm

A division of Interpuno UG

Ulrich-Gminder-Strasse 8
D-72654 Neckartenzlingen

To use my work for meaningful and valuable ideas without interruption, I do not use telephone calls and I am primarily reached by mail.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

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